First Christmas in New Zealand

We were in Queenstown for our summer vacation last Christmas. It was our first time to spend Christmas in New Zealand as we went home to the Philippines in 2019 for our wedding. We decided to spend our Christmas at Skyline so we book a buffet Christmas dinner at Stratosfare Restaurant which came with Gondola and luge rides. Ok, it was way expensive compared to their regular rate.

I’ve never tried the luge before so I was a bit nervous. I ended up having fun though. It’s exhilarating, the view from above is also beyond amazing.

Skyline Queenstown

This was our first Christmas away from home. We spent Christmas eve at the Nest Kitchen and Bar in Kamana Lakehouse and we moved to our room later on. We were just talking about everything under the sun. We miss our families but Christmas in Queenstown with a friend is certainly not bad.

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