Wine Tour in Queenstown

We planned not to do much activities during our stay in Queenstown. But we opted to do the wine tour by Queenstown Expeditions. I thought it would be a great way to see a lot of places and of course, wine tasting! I checked a few tour providers and ended up booking them because the drop off points and timings are not too complicated. We thought we’d end up visiting quite a few wineries if we avail their service which we did.

Queenstown Expeditions

We chose to stop by Arrowtown and see this charming town.

We proceeded to Amisfield Restaurant to start off our wine tour. The place looks fancy, the wine tasting area is just before entering the dining area. They allowed us to go to the back to check out the place. We paid $15/5 wines per person.

We headed to the Brennan Wines in Gibbston Valley, a family-owned vineyard, which has a rustic charm. We didn’t get to try the wines because we opted to do our next wine tasting at Mt. Rosa which is also located in the same area.

Mt. Rosa is highly rated that’s why we opted to do our last wine tasting here. We were seated outside enjoying the view with wines on our hands. The life! We also paid $15 each but we got to try a lot of their wines. They also deliver around New Zealand, it’s free delivery for three bottles or more.

We only did two wine tastings but we still visited the other wineries. We went both to Kinross and Gibbston Valley to see what they have to offer. I kinda regret not buying cheese from Gibbston Valley.


The Gibbston Valley was the last vineyard we visited but we also stopped by the AJ Hackett Bungy at the Kawarau Bungy Centre. Yess, it’s included in the location points of the Queenstown Expeditions wine tour. I am glad that we went here, no we didn’t bungy jump. But it’s a beautiful place.

Mission accomplished! We visited a lot of vineyards, did wine tastings, visited Arrowtown and the Kawarau Bungy Center.

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