Onsen in Queenstown

Onsen is the Japanese name for hot spring. It’s one of the must-do things in Queenstown specially because of the panoramic views of the Shotover River from the onsen pools. The view overlooking the river is astounding!

Onsen Hot Pools offer original and outdoor onsens. They also have spa treatments. Each tub can accommodate up to 4 people. They also offer evening pools which would really be romantic if there would be a lot of stars in the sky. The evening pools are lit with lanterns.

Reception area
Original onsen

We booked an early session at the outdoor pool of the Onsen Hot Pools which is heated to 38.3 degrees. We chose the outdoor pool over the original onsen just so we can feel closer to nature. For the soak only, payment comes with 60-minute soak in the hot pool, towels, complimentary snacks and transport.

Outdoor onsen

We enjoyed the onsen as it was indeed relaxing, so we also tried the onsen at the Kamana Lakehouse where we stayed over Christmas. The onsen was overlooking the Lake Wakatipu. It is only open to the hotel guests.

We highly recommend this activity as it provides ultimate relaxation. It is also another way to indulge on the incredible views in Queenstown!

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