Travel Guide to Piha

It was the long weekend so we booked a shuttle for our last minute trip to Piha Beach and Kitekite Falls in the west coast of Auckland. There is no intercity bus available in the area. Piha is roughly 45 minutes away from Auckland CBD.

We booked the shuttle only the day before, it is for $20/person/way. We left CBD by 11:30am and Mike picked us up at Base Backpacker which is just a few minutes walk away from our apartment. He gave us a short briefing on what to expect for the day.

When we reached Piha, he gave us a tiki tour and recommended how we can maximize our day. He dropped off the others to the entrance of the trail going to Kitekite Falls, we requested to be dropped off back at the town proper so we could have a quick lunch. We went to the Piha Store and got the minced beef pie for $5.50 and the husband got himself a danish bread for $5. Not too bad, we only spent around $15 including coffee. We walked back towards the entrance of the trail going to Kitekite falls for few minutes.

Piha Store where we had our lunch

Mike told us earlier about the kauri dieback which has been threatening the kauri trees in New Zealand and reminded us to clean and disinfect our shoes in the cleaning station prior to entry.

Do not forget to clean and disinfect your shoes.

It is encouraged to stay in the boardwalk and tracks going to the falls to protect the trees. Mike told us to stay on the right path, but either way will lead to the falls.

The Kitekite Falls path has been upgraded in 2019. Some of the areas have boardwalk to avoid harming the kauri trees, so just stay on track.

The Kitekite falls is beautiful especially from afar. The path to the right led us to the bottom of the falls where there were people enjoying a dip.

Kitekite Falls

We also decided to follow the path to the left which led us to the top of the falls. When we moved on the left path, we had to cross a stream. It wasn’t hard, but be careful not to fall.

The stream you have to cross when you take the path to the left

When we reached the top of the falls, there were also few people enjoying the water. We were really tired at this point as we walked from the bottom of the falls to the top so we rested for at least 30 minutes before we headed back.

There was no mobile signal in the rainforest, so better be careful. It wasn’t a hard trek, but I got sore a day after. I should probably exercise again, right?

We walked back to the town proper, and crossed the campground to reach Piha beach. We sat and rested for awhile while watching the waves. Piha Beach is one of the most famous black sand beaches in New Zealand. When we got there, we noticed that the sand seems to be glittering. It was so nice.

Piha Beach

We went to the Tasman Lookout located at the southern part of the Piha Beach. At this point, we were still tired from all the walking we did in the rainforest. It was a steep hike so I felt that this was harder compared to the path going to the top of the falls. We were supposed to stay until sunset but decided not to as we were not sure if we can manage to go down safely by then. We chose to sit by the beach and waited for the sunset.

The view from the Tasman Lookout

I am glad that we were able to go out over the weekend. We haven’t really been able to be out and about. It’s quite hard for us as we don’t drive. So yay that we were able to book a shuttle with Trippy. Piha beach and Kitekite falls are both wonderful. We felt at peace just sitting by the beach, too.

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