Giapo Kitchen Experience

We’re not really familiar with Giapo Ice Cream as we’re fairly new in New Zealand. But it’s ice cream, so my husband just agreed when I asked him if we could sign up and attend the Giapo Kitchen Experience. Everybody loves ice cream, including us.

Giapo at 12 Gore Street

When we went there last Saturday, I was just glad to be out and meet people. We’ve been staying indoors a lot because of the pandemic, and luckily restrictions were mostly lifted already. We walked from our apartment to 12 Gore Street, and got there ten minutes before the kitchen experience. Annarosa led us to the second floor where we stayed for the next hour sampling ice cream and listening to them on how Giapo the ice cream place came about.

These are some of the ice creams we tried. Uhm, yeah we tried quite a lot then. And yeah, these are covered with real chocolates. When I posted the colossal squid in my Facebook story, one of my friends asked if the chocolates are actually real.

I was really glad that we came for the ice cream. Aside from ice cream, we got more than what we expected. They are inspiring. Their story is inspiring. They kept on saying not to listen to that voice in your head that says you couldn’t do it. When they ignored that voice, they were able to launch Giapo much more than as an ice cream place. They wanted to reinvent ice cream, and they did.

If you want to book a kitchen experience with them, it’s $35/person. It comes with ice cream sampling, and their inspiring story. We will definitely come back for the colossal squid or maybe the ice cream tower.

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