Framed Memories

We got our framed photos, yay! When we went to this apartment the first time, we found out that the previous tenant left some hooks on the walls. When you’re renting, you’re not really allowed to drill into the walls nor to use any hanging solutions. The previous tenants used some damage-free hanging solutions which have ruined the wall when they attempted to remove it so they just left the other hooks. Lucky for us because I want a gallery wall.

I’ve researched the framing cost, materials and delivery fee. I checked at least 4-5 framing local suppliers, they all have great reviews. Few of them have their own frame generator so we could easily choose the materials and compute the cost. We ended up getting Framefox because they’re cheaper, and as I’ve said they all have great reviews.

For our first framed photos, we decided to select the family photos. I think it’s a great choice considering that we live in another country now, it’s one way of remembering them. Using the website is terribly easy, it took me few minutes to order our framed photos

Screenshot from their website

When you upload the photo, there is an option to select the size and the paper type. We’ve chosen the smooth cotton rag because of its archival quality. The frame generator also warns the user if the resolution of the photo is not good for the selected print size.

Screenshot from their website

The frame generator also allows a bit of enhancement as you can adjust the exposure if you want to, or use a filter. They have a wide range of frame options which are museum quality and the best bit, locally made. I wanted a white frame but the husband wanted a black one, so since he allowed me to get these framed photos, we opted on the black. We also added a standard mat as it’s apparently a way to protect the photo. We chose not to splurge on the glaze so we only had the standard glass. I would have wanted to get the UltraVue U70 Glass that says to be anti-reflective, but never mind. Maybe next time.

We placed our order last Sept 16, and got it on Sept 25 which is earlier than expected. It’s supposed to be a 7-working day production and another day for delivery. The photo quality looks excellent, and the frame is lightweight.

I had an issue with one of the framed photos, so I messaged their Facebook page. George responded, and they collected the frame. They sent back the frame via courier the following day. I really appreciate their excellent customer service.

Customers can also earn credit through referral. Use my referral link to get $10 credit that you can use for your framed photos. You can also earn $50 credit for every $500 spend.

I’m so glad we framed these family photos, they look nice in our bedroom. I am planning to have another photo framed that we can put in the living room. What about you, do you like framed photos too?

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