Apartment Move

It’s been pretty busy lately, we moved to our new apartment last weekend. It’s more spacious, also a bit more expensive. But I like this one better as it’s also on the quieter part of the apartment building. We did a few apartment viewings but chose to remain in the same apartment complex as we are already more familiar in the area. The water is included in the rent, so that’s a bonus too.

It’s a little bit challenging and costly to move to a new apartment. We had to pack our things, and unpack in the new apartment which took us forever. We hired movers to help us with our things, but even then we still moved a lot of the stuff on our own. We hired Marcus Furniture Mover, it took them two hours to move our things. Since we moved in the same complex, we were only charge $58/hr for two men + one-time charge of $42. They were friendly and careful with our things. We also hired a carpet cleaner before we moved in. It took him around half an hour to clean the carpet. The Go Green Carpet Cleaning is one of the recommendations from our previous property manager. We chose them because they use DfE (Design for the Environment) approved carpet shampoo. They were easy to talk to, and we actually scheduled at the last minute. I called them in the morning for the afternoon cleaning job, good thing they were able to accommodate us. We paid them $150. We also had to clean the old apartment before we surrender the keys else it would be deducted from our bond. We had to contact our internet provider and power supplier to update them on our new address, as well as update our bank account details online.

To be honest, it’s worth it. We love the new apartment, I love that it’s spacious. I wanted to move to the suburb, but when we computed the possible cost, we ended up giving up the idea as we need to buy a lot of the whitewares which are already provided in this apartment. We will probably need to use the heater during the winter, and fan during the summer which we have survived without in the last year. We probably need to pay for water, too. So there, we thought it might be more expensive in the long run.

We converted the other room as the home office space. I sold the desk I bought at Facebook Marketplace before the lockdown because it was too big. I bought this ergonomic desk which can also be used as a standing desk. This is also a flat pack desk so we can just store this easily when not needed anymore. This room is currently in progress.

We still don’t have a coffee table, and the lounge area is still a bit bare. I was surprised that my husband brought the vase here as I was supposed to throw it already. It has the dried flowers from the one he gave me last Valentines Day which we’ve used as decor in the old apartment. We got the mirror from Facebook Marketplace, it was new and unopened. She got it from KMart but she felt that the mirror is too big for her room, thus she sold it. It is indeed bigger than most, but I like it as it is. We will probably move it beside the couch, and get a plant instead for that corner. But we’ll see.

It’s quite exciting to decorate the apartment. I will blog about this soon. I can see us staying here for a long time. We like it here, and we don’t want to go through the same process of moving to another place anytime soon!

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