The Big Move

We moved to New Zealand last Sept 2019, almost eight months ago. It was a big decision, especially for him.

When I was younger, I was one of those who chose to stay in the country when many of my colleagues opted to work abroad. I wanted to be successful in my country, that was the goal. I worked hard to achieve it. I took my masters, I took some work certifications. One day, I thought I’ve got everything I wanted. Maybe I wanted change; so I decided to try and submit my application to my current company to work in either Australia or New Zealand. This wasn’t my first application, but this time I got in.

I applied to the company back in Dec 2018. I had to do a video interview which I never got around to doing until the deadline on the 2nd of January 2019. Fortunately, the deadline was extended for a week. I passed the video interview and did the Skype interview on the 3rd week of January. I had to go to Singapore for a technical exam and another round of interview. It was risky and expensive. My then-boyfriend did not come with me to minimize the cost. I went with my friend, and we rented a room together for almost a week. It was in February 2019. It was a long and excruciating wait. I got the job offer on the 6th of March. Patience is not one of my greatest traits.

I started to complete the requirements including the medical exam. I thought I’d be able to fly on June, oh wrong I was then. There were findings on my medical, so I needed another two months to wait for the results of the new set of tests I had to take. Good thing, it was negative. It was a struggle waiting for the result.

I knew it was harder for my then-boyfriend to move to New Zealand. I was ready to leave, he was not. He just started on his new job, and in his new role. He had new opportunities, and he was enjoying his job. We were getting married on December 2019; he had to give up his job if he were to come with me. We were saving for our wedding then, although still well within our target. Getting married is pretty expensive especially a destination wedding. Moving to another country is also not cheap. We planned for him to come with me few months later, but since my visa got delayed, we were able to leave together.

We got here a week before my first day of work to settle all the requirements. The company shouldered our accommodation for a week. They also paid for our visa and my airfare. We spent our first week finding an apartment, too. We’ve decided to rent in the city as it would be closer to my work.

Our apartment

We’ve spent the first few weeks buying the essentials for the apartment. We couldn’t help buying non-urgent stuff like the Nespresso coffee machine which honestly has proven to be useful. We did not immediately buy a sofa as we wanted a recliner so we waited until we got back from the wedding as it’s more expensive compared to a regular one.

Furniture shopping

We’ve been in New Zealand for almost 8 months, but my husband already said as early as our 2nd month here that this feels like home. The people are nice. Life is simple. It’s easy to start a routine. We spend each day hoping we’re closer to our new goals. We knew we wanted to live here permanently in God’s perfect time. This big move we had, we knew it’s what He has planned for us. It’s scary, but we are learning along the way.

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