Planning Our Wedding

It’s been four months since our wedding day. We both are back in New Zealand, and were happy on how the big day turned out. I will share some of the details on how we were able to pull off the wedding with the help of our amazing suppliers.

We did the wedding planning for more than a year. We encountered several hiccups, and made several changes which were accommodated by our suppliers. In Sept 2019, we moved to New Zealand so all our communications were done via email or Viber. We were still able to meet our coordinator, videographer, caterer and florist prior to the wedding. We had several food tasting which we both enjoyed throughly. We attended different bridal fairs and talked to a lot of suppliers. We were both hands on in the wedding planning.

With my husband

I wanted a letterpress wedding invitation. It’s a bit expensive compared to regular invitation so we decided to print only 50 pcs. We had a hard time finding a supplier because they usually print for 100 pcs. Luckily, we went to the bridal fair, and we were able to score a great deal with Print & Co.

Layout is included in the letterpress package. But because I read mixed reviews about them, I’ve decided to find an artist to do our invitation. I ended up doing the layout of the invitation, and Print & Co revised the map to fit our invitation. Print & Co did the envelope addressing for additional fee.

Wedding invitation ❤

I also did some wedding teasers and infographics for our wedding which were posted on our Facebook invite. I did these in Canva.

We reviewed quite a lot of portfolios and ended up booking Ralph Lee Photography in a bridal fair. We wanted candid, and bright photos. Our package included 4 photographers including Ralph Lee, 500 enhanced photos, wedding photo same day edit (SDE), free aerial, 50 pcs fine art prints and 10×40 pages wedding album in premium mega box. We only got him for the wedding coverage as we initially planned not to do the prenup. Ralph and his team were great. Never had a problem dealing with him, and the outputs were superb. We love our photos and couldn’t be any happier that we chose him.

Reception entrance

I didn’t have the patience to watch wedding videos, so this task went to the husband. We wanted fun and candid SDE, and we found the perfect videographer in another bridal fair, Woodstock Cinema. They usually work together with Ralph, so that’s actually a bonus. My husband had inputs on our wedding video, and that made it more personal for us. They posted our wedding SDE in their Facebook page. We availed the extended film for additional fee, and will be delivered in 6-8 months after the wedding.

I booked Razie Estinopo based on the good reviews she had on a wedding group. This was in the middle of worrying about the marks on my face because I just had chicken pox when I booked her. The marks were actually gone by the day of the wedding. She also has an affordable rate, so that’s a plus. I was supposed to do a trial make up with her but didn’t get around to. She was also my hair and make up artist during our prenup. I felt beautiful on our prenup and wedding day, thanks to Razie.

Make up

I didn’t want to be stressed out on my wedding gown, so I decided to choose Mel. Her shop is near my office, so I could drop by anytime. I went to New Zealand a few months before the wedding, I did the first fitting before I left and then did the second and third fitting when I came back. We had a bit of miscommunication, and it’s honestly not how I imagined my gown to be but I ended up happy just the same. She usually starts on the gown three months before the wedding.


My husband is close friends with the owner so he had his suit made by them. He was actually one of his groomsmen, and helped on assisting my husband on the day of the wedding. He wanted a three-piece blue suit with gray inner vest. Instead of belt, they made used of side adjusters to hold the trousers in place.

With my husband

The wooden hanger is personalized by Practical Finds. The neckties were from Ribbons Overload.

  • Entourage

I did not want them to wear infinity dress, but the entourage gowns were quite steep. I did not want them to spend so much on it since they will be paying for it. So, we bought the fabrics in Divisoria and brought it to a local seamstress in Bulacan. They were able to choose the design for their gowns. She also made my preparation dress a week before the wedding for a fraction of a cost.


We had separate preparation venue. I stayed in Ricarte’s Hill together with my family and few of my entourage. The place can accommodate up to 30 people, and the bridal suite which we used during the preparation is spacious. The place is nice for photoshoot. They also provide the dress form for my gown.

My husband and his family opted to stay in Splendido Country Club. They booked via Agoda, and asked where they could do the photoshoot in the morning of the wedding.

  • Church – Chapel on the Hill

I fell in love with Chapel on the Hill in Nasugbu, Batangas the first time we went there. It’s small and intimate. Exactly what I would have wanted our wedding to be. We did an unplugged wedding ceremony so the photos were amazing. We requested our family and friends not to use their mobile phones during the ceremony, all photos and videos taken were from our photographer and videographer.

Unplugged ceremony is really nice

Kuya Edgar Erni is a famous florist in Tagaytay. He is quiet and reserved. I don’t really have specifics in terms of the flowers. I just told him that I want white flowers. He did my bridal bouquet, and the flowers for the entourage. He put a flower arc by the entrance, too. He moved the flowers from the church to the reception.


I’ve read really good feedback about them in the wedding group. We booked them early on without even tasting their food yet to avail of the freebies during the bridal fair. Good thing, we made the perfect choice. We did at least four food tasting on different suppliers after that, and we still like them. They are one of our favorite suppliers, as it has been easy to talk to them. We also got the smores bar and the grazing table from them.

Grazing table, photo by Nariz

Nariz was our event specialist, I told her that I wanted long tables for both the VIPs and the guests, and wanted the modern romantic vibe. We paid an additional fee for the table styling since we opted for the long tables, and they had to use more materials. I love the outcome, it was worth the upgrade.

We were not supposed to have ceiling treatment as it was not in the budget. But we decided the last minute to include one so the ceiling won’t look so bare.


They were one of our favorite suppliers too. We only got their on-the-day package, but whenever I need to ask Anton, he will respond promptly. They weren’t our original coordinator because they were booked on our original date. They were still available on the new date so we opted to get them as the coordinator we got was getting really bad reviews then. We were really stressed out days prior the wedding. But on the big day, we just had fun. Anton and his team took care of everything. Anton was also not supposed to be my host, but DTS was not available on our new date so we had to give her up. He did a pretty good job, and everyone stayed until the end of the program.

Anton, our coordinator and host

This was also not our original venue, but we opted to move our venue closer to our church considering that our wedding was on the last weekend before Christmas to avoid traffic in the area. There was another wedding scheduled on that day in the garden, but that wasn’t a problem. We did ours in the pavilion. They have separate entrance and parking area per wedding location. Caren was our contact person, and she was really responsive and helpful. We got a complimentary bridal suite room too. They gifted us a 50% discount on room accommodation for our next stay when we checked out.

We were supposed to get the cake from Passion Cooks but they only have naked cakes. We decided to avail it from Cake Studio, we got them also based from all the good reviews they have in the wedding group. I had a lot of pegs in the wedding cake, and Nadine was really accommodating. We only finalized the design a week before the wedding.

Wedding Cake

We initially got the clay cake topper from Sailor-Chan’s Craftventure. But thought that it might not look good on the cake, so decided to get another one from Crafts by Naejia’s Mom. We ended up using both.

We got platinum wedding rings from them in one of the bridal fairs we attended. I opted for half-eternity ring, while the husband chose plain matte ring. They have a shop in Edsa Shangrila so we picked up the rings a few days before the wedding.

  • Mobile Bar – Johnnie Walker Mobile Bar

This was the husband’s priority! We booked them in one of the first bridal fairs we attended. Believe it or not, we did not expect that we would finished almost all the bottles we ordered. Salute to our guests! I especially love the vodka lime soda. We opted not to serve the alcohol during the cocktail hour. We only opened the mobile bar by lunch.

The wedding signage was from Art Craft.

We thought we have enough food for the cocktail hour already as we have three appetizers and smores station. But to be safe, we added a pizza station. We found Pizza Grigliata in the wedding group. We went to their branch in San Juan for taste test, and we loved their pizza. We had the Quattro Formaggi, Vigan Longganiza in black squid and Tequila Lime Chicken. Not surprisingly, all our guests loved the pizza.

Pizza station

We didn’t have wedding souvenirs, only photobooth photos. This was personal to us as we like taking photobooth photos. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that this was not utilized as much by the guests.

Photobooth photo

We wanted something that our principal sponsors could keep. We had a lot of thought on this one, and ended up getting a caricature for each of them. We had our coordinator placed it on their table, we did not wrap it but instead we put a ribbon on it.


We didn’t have any other option for lights and sounds, they have good reputation in Tagaytay. They don’t force you to get the more expensive package when the basic package is enough for your needs. We also got our LED wall to them.

We booked them on one of the bridal fairs, but we knew them from the wedding group. We also ordered our food for our stay on the day before the wedding. There was a miscommunication, but it was my fault because I was not clear that the freebies will be delivered the day before. They are one of the reputable crew meal suppliers in Tagaytay. The food was good, too.

  • Wedding Shoes – Keds

I actually used the Keds X Kate Spade pair of shoes from their bridal collection on our wedding. I asked my friend to buy me this pair in the United States because it was cheaper there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t delivered as agreed. I decided to get the Charles & Keith pair a few days before the wedding because I was still hoping to receive the Keds pair. But still, it did not arrive. I am anxious on wearing the pair of heels, so I asked my husband to get me the Keds two days before the wedding. He bought the pair, and brought it to my preparation venue the night before the wedding. It was so much comfortable to use during the wedding, and I could still definitely use this.

  • Divisoria Finds

Some of our items were purchased from Divisoria. The fabrics for the female entourage and my preparation dress, bow tie for the kids, socks for the photoshoot and the gowns for the flower girls.

These ceremony items were given to me in the wedding group, and I borrowed Ara’s second veil. The bride was not able to use these so she decided to give it away. I was planning to buy customized, but decided against it to save a little on our budget.

Ceremony items

Our wedding won’t be as fun and memorable without all the help that we received. We are just happy and grateful to our family, friends and wedding suppliers. It turned out to be our best day yet.

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