We got married!

December 22, 2019.

It was a blast. It was more than anything we imagined it to be.

We waited for this day. It took us more than a year, but it was worth it.

We left for New Zealand on September 2019; all communications to our suppliers since then were done via Viber or email. By this time, we already booked all the major suppliers. We went home at least two weeks before the wedding. Since our wedding was in Tagaytay, we did few errands in Tagaytay when we got home. We attended the wedding rehearsal, together with other couples, and met up with our florist. We also met up with our wedding coordinator in Makati. My gown fitting and his suit fitting were also in Makati. We picked up the invitations in Quezon City, and distributed them to our family and entourage. We were both stressed out on the days leading to the wedding. It was tremendous effort not to panic on the day before it knowing that we still have pending items. But we did it. Thanks to our family, friends and wedding suppliers for all the help. We managed to have fun on our wedding day.

happy hearts

  • Preparation

We had different preparation venues. I had mine together with my family and entourage in Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort; while he had his in Splendido Country Club. Since our wedding is at 11am, I woke up at 4am. My female bridal entourage had to come in early too for their hair and make up.

I had a series of photoshoots that morning. We started with my solo shoot, I wore the bridal preparation gown I had made a week before the wedding. She also did the gowns of all the female entourage.

It was followed by the photoshoot with my bridal entourage. We had mixed entourage, which means my bridal entourage were not all girls. The 3 out of my 8 bridal entourage flew in for the wedding from Dubai, Singapore and Australia. Three of them were my college friends, one of them was my cousin, and the rest were my friends from work.

We had a quick photoshoot with my family before we left for the church. My mother had an issue with her gown few days before the wedding, so we had to find an alternative.

My family
  • Ceremony

I waited in the car, and tried to memorize my lines for the wedding ceremony. I could hear the music from the church. When they played the bridal walk, I remember myself smiling to everyone. My mind went blank; gone were the worries I had the previous night. I was just happy.

I love this photo. Gives me so much feels.

We got Father Allen as our officiating priest. I read about him in the wedding group, and they all have good words for him. We had a wedding rehearsal prior to our wedding together with other couples. We sent him our love story via email, one from each of us. To be honest, he gave us our best wedding gift, a beautiful homily.

  • Post Wedding Photoshoot

The guests left the church and headed to our reception place. We had a quick post wedding photoshoot with our entourage right after the wedding. I thought this would take quite a while, but it didn’t. We also stayed after they left for few more photos.

  • Reception

Our reception venue is at the Pavilion of Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay. It was a last minute change as we’ve decided to move our venue near the church to avoid the traffic.

We headed straight to our complimentary room right after the photoshoot to eat. My hair and make up artist also fixed my make up and hair for reception. We also went through the program with our host. Our program was fairly short, we removed the unnecessary parts. We had a couples game, and few speeches from our friends. We also had an after party. We were just happy that everybody stayed until the end.

We felt so much happiness on our wedding day. It’s the kind where you just trust the universe and everything will go well, I think it did. I see that bliss as I browse through the photos and the raw videos. I still feel so much joy.

Getting married to the man I prayed for with our family and friends to witness it is more than enough. I am truly grateful.

My love

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