Planning the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot does not have to be expensive. Trust me; it can be cheap but memorable and beautiful.

A half-day session is usually included in your wedding photographer; for us we just got the wedding package. We were planning to scratch it altogether. A pre-wedding photoshoot make up session is also included in the wedding package of our hair and make up artist (HMUA). Fortunately, we won in an auction. It was an experience that we were glad we did.

For pre-wedding photoshoot, these are usually the deciding points: theme, location, style and food. Of course, photographer and make up artists matter a lot.

  • Theme

We don’t like to act in front of the cameras. Scratch the fancy themes. We don’t want to add expense on our outfit. Really, scratch the fancy themes. We wanted to just have fun and laidback photoshoot. We wanted the photographer to capture us in our best state – being just our playful self.

  • Location

Our wedding venue comes with a complimentary use for pre-wedding shoot session; but it’s in Tagaytay. An out-of-town pre-wedding photoshoot is a great idea, but not so when you’re on a budget. There will be additional expense on transportation and out-of-town fees for both the photographer and the make up artist. We decided do the session in Timezone Glorietta; we frequent that place anyway. For our second set, we booked an AirBnB in BGC. We love to chill, that’s actually an understatement. The quiet times with him are the best.

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Timezone is free. We just sent an email ( of our schedule for approval, filled up the waiver form and brought the form on the day of the shoot.

The AirBnB unit is really nice; it has floor to ceiling glass windows. We paid PhP3500, PhP950 of which from my referral credit.

  • Style

No fancy dresses. We checked our closets to see if there are pieces of clothing that we can use for the photoshoot. We did buy complimentary pieces but made sure that we can wear them after the shoot.

Timezone has a big part on our love story.

My fiance wore his office long sleeves polo and his old pair of shoes which he uses all the time. We bought his pair of shorts in Uniqlo. I wore a blazer given by my cousin many years ago which I’ve never worn before, my all-time favorite pair of jeans and my favorite pair of shoes. I bought the pink top in the flea market.

Because we love to have fun.

We bought everything in this photo in Uniqlo except for the flowy pants which was bought in the flea market. These are definitely reusable pieces of clothing.

  • Food

There were 5 in our photography team and 3 in our HMUA team. My friend also came to help us on our second set. So, that was 11 people to feed. It took us longer to decide on this one; and later on decided to order the meal deal in Shakey’s for PhP2019. The food was more than enough for everyone, and we even had it for dinner and breakfast the following day.

Pre-wedding photoshoot is definitely an added expense. If you still have the budget, go for it. It doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy to be beautiful, remember that. Trust me, our experience has been amazingly fun.

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