We’re getting married.

He officially proposed last March 5, 2019 while we were in Tagaytay after we’ve decided to book an AirBnB because we were stranded. The stars bore witness to this new chapter of our love story.

We’ve started the wedding planning as early as July 2018. We felt like we were ready; or that we could make it in the future. Either way, we knew we would like to be married and grow old together.

The proposal still came as a surprise. He told me that he was planning to propose at Chapel on the Hill where we will be married in December on the weekend before this day but he got sick. He would have wanted to do it there. He would have wanted to do it this way. He would have wanted to surprise me; by which he did anyway.

“Prove that you love me, marry me.”

My love

He knelt down.. to my surprise. He took the ring, and put it on. It was a beautiful surprise. It was everything I prayed for. He is everything I prayed for.

We’re getting married this December.

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