Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding planning is actually pretty fun to do. The budgeting, not so. We didn’t plan to do a pre-wedding photoshoot; we already booked the wedding photographer sans the pre-wedding shoot.

But there was an auction in the W@W wedding group we joined in. We’ve decided to bid; the items were mostly given by the suppliers to the wedding group. Proceeds of the auction go to W@W. We’ve won the pre-wedding photoshoot of Paul Vincent Photography. He was up there on our list; he’s just out of our budget. Lucky for us, we had a session with him.

We wanted just chill and fun session.

We’ve chose to do it in Timezone; and rented an AirBnB unit for the second set. We love Timezone; it is a huge part of our relationship.

I wanted a fresh look; my make up artist, Razie Estinopo, delivered. I felt really pretty that day.

Paul knows his craft well. We wanted fun, he let us to have fun on that day. And oh boy, he exceeded our expectations. We love the photos, including the raw photos!

We got what we wanted. We had fun. We had amazing photos.

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